There are entire books written with dating tips for men, but in this article I’m going to give you what I feel are the most important tips for successful dating.

So without delay, here are my tips and advice…

1. Get Confident

I’m sure you’ve already heard numerous times that women like confident men. But I have a different take on where confidence truly comes from…

You see, when you ask most people how to become more confident, they tell you the same stuff..

– workout and improve your body

– dress better

– fix up your apartment

– earn more money

– blah blah blah

This is all great, but true confidence comes from not giving a hoot what people think of you. It’s about being who you are and not changing your behavior to make a woman (or anybody else) like you.

This is the essence of confidence. Confident people have an unwavering opinion of themselves. Therefore they never compromise who they are.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t hit the gym or buy a new wardrobe and things like that. However, it’s more important to develop true and unshakeable inner self confidence.

The easiest way to start is by committing to being “you” in any given situation.

2. Don’t Need A Woman, Want A Woman

A man who needs a woman is a man who feels incomplete without a woman. So when he does meet a woman that he likes, his sense of desperation spills into everything that he says and does even though he doesn’t realize it.

Women can smell this. And trust me, it smells bad.

If you’re looking for a woman because you think one can make you happy or fulfill you, stop your search immediately.

First, learn how to be a happy person. A needy man is like kryptonite to women.

3. Be Yourself

A lot of men are guilty of changing their normal behavior to try to make a woman like them.

Just act natural and be yourself when you’re around any woman. When you’re not being “you,” you’re not totally relaxed and in the moment. A woman can sense your anxiety, and she won’t be totally relaxed either.

4. Be In The Moment

When a man wants to have sex with a woman, during a date he’s thinking “What can I say or do to get in her panties tonight… “

When a man wants to have a relationship with a woman, he’s thinking something like “She’s beautiful and intelligent. We like the same things. I can see her as my future wife.”

It doesn’t matter if you want sex or a girlfriend or wife. The problem is that constantly thinking of the outcome that you want creates anxiety. You want to make all the right moves and say all the right things to get what you want.

It’s impossible to just be loose and naturally “you” unless you live in the present.

So don’t make your goal to take a woman to bed or make her your girlfriend. Make it your goal to have fun! Enjoy the moment, and your desired outcome is much more likely to come into fruition.

Source by Terrence Banks

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