Cougar Dating – A Young Guy's Fantasy

Cougar dating is a fantasy for many young guys even though they may not even know that! Lots of youngger guys are turned on by older woman and fantasize about the benefits of dating a cougar. Cougar singles are plentiful and there are lots of online sites dedicated to cougar dating and sexy older woman looking for younger men.

Cougar dating is quite common these days but not too long ago the fact a youngger guy was with an older woman was a slightly taboo topic.

Cougars Are Not 'Little Girls'

A cougar is the older woman and the younger man is the cub. Cougar singles are woman who are successful, attractive, independent, financially stable and sexually aggressive. They are self-assured and confident of what they want and need. Cougars can be divorceses or married woman looking for no strings attached sex and companionship. Disclaimer: I asked three cougars I dated and all are exactly like this!

How To Date A Cougar

In nature, a cougar is a predator and many cougar woman openly and aggressively flirt when looking to attract a young cub. Cougars sometimes hunt in packs though you're more likely to be faced with a cougar at an everyday event. Cougar singles are in shopping malls, school runs, bank queues or the gyms just as much as the bars or nightclubs.

Cougar dating is easier now than ever for both the cigar singles and men looking for the benefits of dating a cougar. Fantastic cougar dating websites make it easy to connect with older women looking for younger male friendship.

The Benefits Of Dating A Cougar

Cougar dating is a way for youngger men to venture into relationship with an older woman who may just want a uncomplicated sexual relationship every now and then without any of the emotional or cultural drama attached.

The benefits of dating a cougar are perfect for the cub because he gets to learn and fine tune the art of satisfying women that will put him in good stead for future more serious relationships. Cougar singles will be direct and blunt about what they want from the cub and how they want him to behave, most of which young men usually find a turn on.

If you're lucky, your cougar dating efforts may pay off with you hooking up with a wealthy cougar who will really look after you. She'll buy you clothes, take you to shows and festivals and shower you with gifts. This is the best of cougar dating! Disclaimer: After many years as a cub, I only found this type of cougar twice. They're very rare, but they do hunt! Keep a look out.

Myths Exposed

There's some misconceptions about cougar dating and the benefits of dating a cougar. Some people think, wrongly, that the cougars are aging, cheating, desperate woman who are lonely and desperate. Ahhh man, nothing could be further from the truth!

Although recent studies show that most young men are favorable to dating an older woman, cougar dating is completely at the whim of the woman! (Disclaimer: I read that somewhere.)

The cougar will select who gets to be a cub. You can initiate a conversation with her or make an introduction on a website but ONLY the cougar herself decides how much further you get.

Is It Nature At Work?

Physically speaking cougar dating makes sense on a sexual level. The cub must bring something to the relationship too. Usually this will be his raging libido and performance stamina.

Women reach their sexual peak when they're over 30 and men at the age of around 18, so it's actually nature at work and at its best. (Disclaimer: I read that too, somewhere.) Older women are attracted to young guys because they have the capacity to satisfy the cougar sexually … and continuously … and often!

Cougar Dating – Closing Thoughts

Young men are referred to cougars and prefer cougar dating because there's usually no requirement for commitment to a long term relationship or pressure to marry. Along with the sexual awakening that a cougar can instigate, the cub benefits from her maturity, spirit and wisdom too.

Source by Anjub Kane

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